European Trajectories in Space Law

One Sky for Europe ?


Authors : JL van de Wouwer, Francois Lambert
354 pages
Datum : 2008

Price : 40 EUR (reduced from 71)
ISBN : 2-74237-018-8
Description :

Space travel and exploration are coming soon... with all their legal problems !
Therefore, this book provides : Historical Backround The problems authorities and actors in space must be aware of in order to comply with regulations
Based on the results of a three year long consultancy study for the OPOCE, this book presents high quality informations on the most recent developments in space law and regulations, in a shape that suits university research aswell as the general public (space contractors, consultancy, ...). It is aimed at anyone who is, or will be, in a near future implicated in space travel/exploitation/technologies, as the challenges are more and more widespread in our everyday life : satellite communications, GPS, traffic control, scientific research, resources exploitation, and a fast growing sector, space tourism.


Authors : JL van de Wouwer, V. Corduant Paperback
222 pages
Date : 2001

Prix : 62 EUR
ISBN : 2-8027-1489-9
Description :

This book is the result of a cooperation between Véronique Corduant, Lawyer (LLM) at Bird & Bird (Brussels), and Jean Louis van de Wouwer, who is also the author of "Recent Developments and Perspectives in European and International Air Transport Law" edited in 1998 under same co-edition partnership between BRUYLANT and HOMES INTERNATIONAL.
When it is generally accepted that you cannot fragment upper space that belongs to humanity, it is now equally accepted that you cannot avoid the natural trend towards globalisation of air transport. One sky for all uses is now a world wide challenge.
These are the five principal chapters.
  • 1.The legal challenges inside the EU.
  • 2.The external legal challenges for the EU.
  • 3.Air traffic management - data protection - air freight.
  • 4.The aircraft manufacturers faced to "open sky".
  • 5.The views of the European Parliament, the Economic and Social Committee, the Committee of the Regions, the airports and the consumer's organisations.